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To ONLY order the Product and to NOT become an Affilliate to start building your business.

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Become an Affiliate to START building your business and purchase products.

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Order Only the Product

To ONLY order the Product and to NOT become an Affilliate to start building your business.

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Become an Affiliate and Purchase Products

Become an Affiliate to START building your business and purchase products.

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Order Only the Product

To ONLY order the Product and to NOT become
an Affilliate to start building your business.

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Become an Affiliate and Purchase Products

Become an Affiliate to START building your
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Everything Was Impossible
Until Someone Did It
Imagine What Is Possible For You

About Us

Welcome to Quanta


Someone once said, “When your name is on the project, your reputation is on the line.” The founders and executive staff are highly respected names in their fields. They all embrace a clear vision and are willing to put their expertise and reputations on the line to see it come true! As businessmen founders Jim Britt and Jim Lutes have established proven track records of professional success. These recognized leaders have chosen to combine their expertise with their passion and vision to build a company that would benefit their partner-Affiliates and serve to enrich people's lives personally and financially. Their philosophy of “making a difference” for each individual product user, and in each Affiliate's life, is the foundation that drives this extraordinary company.

Our mission is to be REAL in a not so real world. Getting real, being real and creating real change.

We are committed to offering the best in personal and professional development and empowering our Affiliate-partners and customers to live their lives to the fullest. We are dedicated to building a global community that strives each day to become better, build deeper relationships and achieve more.

We know that the success of Quanta will be directly related to helping people learn, grow, and change. Every product and program offered is designed to enable both Affiliates and customers to achieve whatever level of success they desire. We applaud your decision to become a member of the Quanta team by adding your name to the project!

The Affiliates of Quanta are a thriving mixture of many different kinds of people, from every background, from every part of the country, from every economic level and from every social stratum. Some are experienced business people; others have no experience. Some are highly educated; some are not. Some are shy; some are aggressive; and some seek financial independence, while others want extra income, and all are as diverse as the World population. But all Affiliate-partners are alike in one way: They all have dreams that can become reality…and that's what has drawn them to become a member of the Quanta family.

As we grow together, you will see our philosophy in action. We will meet all challenges head on. We will reward performance with support. You will not out-perform our capacity to serve you.

You are now in your own business. Everyone with a business of their own started with an idea, a desire to learn and to be a success. They then combine it with both commitment and hard work. These are people just like you who got tired of the nine-to-five routine, tired of working for someone else, tired of building someone else's dreams, who have now decided to go into business for themselves. Others before you, and just like you, have shown it can be done and in a big way. And you can do it too!

Make a commitment that doesn't allow for turning back. Got it? Can't quit! Then put your desire for success behind a clear-cut plan, and success will be yours!

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"There is no such thing as having conflict with another person. The only conflict is within ourselves"
---Jim Britt


Jim Britt

Lead Designer

He is a seasoned entrepreneur, best selling author, a peak performance specialist and top expert in the direct selling industry. He has served as a success counselor to more than 300 companies and trained more than 1,000,000 people in his seminars.

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Jim Lutes

Marketing Manager

Having taught his branded form of human performance since the early 1990s, Mr. Lutes has accelerated top level entrepreneurs throughout his career by conducting trainings on personal growth and subconscious programming into worldwide markets.

During this time Jim took his skills regarding the human mind, and combining it with trainings on influence, persuasion and communication strategies, he launched Lutes International in the early 1990s. Based in San Diego California, Jim has taught seminars for corporations, sales forces, individuals and athletes. Having appeared on television, radio and worldwide stages, Jim’s style, knowledge and effectiveness provide profound results.

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Fusion $149 Order Now

The Power-Packed 25 Audio Series is Quanta’s Core Program

Just imagine what your life would be like if the mental barriers that have held you, vanished, and new programs took their place. A perfect combination brings together Jim Britt's Power of Letting Go with Jim Lutes Mind Masterpiece where individuals can reach new levels of achievement and fulfillment in all areas of life. You'll discover the secrets to letting go of the baggage you've been carrying around for years…baggage that has kept you from having the success, money, health, fulfillment and happiness you've always wanted. In the 25 audio, digitally delivered program, you'll learn how you can literally reprogram your mind as easily as installing new software into your computer.

  • The Power of Letting Go
  • Jim Britt has spent the last 35 years personally guiding ten's of thousands of individuals step-by-step through powerful letting go processes that will touch every area of your life. In this program he'll show you how to break your addictive emotional cycle, let go of anxiety, beliefs, emotions and behaviors that keep you stuck.

  • Mind Masterpiece
  • The core of human decisions are based on the programs we acquire, reinforce and grow. Jim Lutes is a Master Hypnosis Expert and highly skilled subconscious re-programmer. He has the unique ability to create performance change in an individual in a fraction of the time.

  • The Fusion Program
    • Break that addictive cycle that keeps you on that emotional roller coaster that drops you off the same place over and over again.
    • Let go of the obstacles and inner barriers and re-program for success.
    • Say “GOODBYE” to the problems and issues that have sabotaged you with money, relationships, work, and happiness your entire life.
    • Figure out YOUR money blocks… and create a new program that puts you in control
    • Conquer your emotional energy and give yourself the ability to feel calm and in control in any situation
    • Quickly get over the pain of any bad situation and stop letting it affect your current actions NOW.
    • Transform stress, anger and anxiety into productivity



Personal Performance Platform provides a systematic approach to making radical improvement in one’s life. We understand how difficult it can be to stay on track. Daily video mentor moments delivered weekdays Monday through Friday from Jim & Jim will reset your focus moving you toward improvement in every area of life.

The Personal Performance Platform is as an ongoing mentoring and coaching program designed to accelerate your progress and assist you is the full utilization and application of Quanta’s Fusion program.

We employ many disciplines including Letting Go, Hypnosis, NLP, Psychology and more. The Power of the Mind, in particular the subconscious mind, is unlimited yet can be elusive and restrictive if not managed properly.

We Utilize The Power of Letting Go along with life-changing Subconscious programming techniques allowing you to achieve your goals with mathematical accuracy. Personal Performance Platform will bring exceptional value to its members through innovative, fun and effective ways to tap into the power of the mind. We know that the success you are looking for is within you and we want to help bring out the best.

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The Achievers Club Platform is Quanta's advanced learning platform for higher achievers. It is designed for individuals who are motivated to take their personal achievement to the highest level.

No matter where you are currently on your journey, you will discover an incredible, high-quality environment offering you the techniques, strategies and support you need to accomplish your most ambitious goals.

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"Your life creation is always underway in the subconscious."
---Jim Lutes

The Opportunity

Quanta was born out of a combination of several factors coming together to create the perfect opportunity. These factors have grown out of Quanta's founders Jim Britt's and Jim Lutes's 70 years of combined experience in both the personal development and network marketing industries and their ambition to help others live a more rewarding life.

  • Quanta's Journey

    Changing One Destiny at a Time!

    Many of us lead perfectly comfortable lives but still feel we're missing something. We try not to think about it though. Instead we immerse ourselves in our work or home life. However the thought of something more keeps creeping to the forefront of our mind. Could that something be your ultimate destiny calling to you? Could it be a life vision begging for a chance to come true?

    At Quanta we believe that your destiny begins the moment you decide upon it and start working toward it. Your destiny should be a way of life. If you believe that you won't reach your destiny until some far-off distant future, then that day will never come. We all know that you won't instantly wake up after deciding upon what you want and discover you've achieved it. But you also don't want to hold the belief that your life won't begin until you get what you want. Your life began the day you were born, and the time to begin living it fully is right now if you choose to join us.

  • Compensation Plan
  • You are at the right place at the right time

    One simple word could change your world.

    Imagine freedom… from old money beliefs that have limited your financial success… that have left you feeling anxious, stressed, or unable to experience the life you truly want.

    If you decide you are sick and tired…of whatever… and you are willing to play at your very best, with a 100% commitment to win, then step up to the plate and let us help you hit a home run!

    Quanta exists for one single purpose and that is to help people live a better life. And we know from experience that personal development is one of the most important factors in creating the successful life you desire.

    Our most valued asset at Quanta is our affiliates. Our passion is to provide them the most result-producing personal development programs and training, and award them with the most powerful income-producing opportunity in the marketplace today.

    We want to develop a world-wide team of self-motivated individuals who seriously desire the freedom that success can bring.

    We know you have what it takes to be successful. It may just be buried deep inside waiting to be ignited. At Quanta we believe in your potential. We believe in you! If you desire more out of life, we'll show you how to take advantage of the hottest, fastest growing trend in history, personal development.

    You are definitely at the right place at the right time.

    If you've ever wanted a business opportunity and personal development programs that challenge you to become more than you are, those that give you the tools and techniques needed to blow the doors off your business limitations, and one that leaves you with enough inspiration to last a lifetime… JOIN US ON THE QUANTA JOURNEY!

Quanta provides you with a three part opportunity

  • oper
    An opportunity for
    Personal Freedom

    At Quanta we believe that the person you become is equally important as what you earn. The word “freedom” refers to being free to live the life you want…a condition that allows you to pursue what is truly worthwhile for you. We believe that each individual carries within their core the birthright of freedom, when brought forth and orchestrated, is the most awesome force on earth.

  • oper
    An Opportunity for
    Financial Freedom

    At Quanta your income possibilities are virtually unlimited. Whether you are seeking an opportunity to earn and extra few hundred a month or total financial independence. The more enterprising you become, the freer you become.

  • oper
    An Opportunity to Contribute
    to the Lives of Others

    There is nothing more rewarding than to be the catalyst to help others accomplish their dreams and goals. Through the application of the Quanta programs, achieving your dreams, and sharing the Quanta programs with others, you will set an example for others to follow.

We Know You Are Here For a Reason:

Real hero's are people like you, with character and courage, one that is willing to step up, step out of the crowd and make a difference. With discipline and dignity each day you will play that role to the best of your ability…without background music, the right lighting and a script to follow. No props…you step to center stage every day and give life your best performance. No stunt doubles. You know that your life is not a pre-written screen play. It is lived out moment by moment with no rehearsals or editing.

We may not know the details of your life but we do know that you are here, on this web site and on this planet for a reason. We know that at some point you made a calculated decision to improve your future, to write and create your own success story and be the star of your own production! While others stand on the sidelines and wish, you are willing to work! While others make excuses, you are willing to make changes! When others wish things were better, you are willing to get better! The reason others quit is the very reason that you are unstoppable!

So in moments that you are not “up” or you are not feeling so great, moments when you feel that everything and everyone is against you, we want to remind you of your greatness. Whether you join Quanta or not, we want to remind you that you are smart enough, good enough and strong enough. You do have the talent and discipline to achieve your dreams. Look within and see just how special you really are! You are truly amazing! Believe it with all your heart!

As the Founders of Quanta We Want to Wish You All the Best Life has to Offer!

Jim Britt & Jim Lutes

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“The Journey Of Today Can Only Begin When You Let Go Of Yesterday”

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We strive to provide the highest quality support to our Affiliates. Please use the following options to contact Quanta.

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